#1 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » /5ALTFRMS » 12-11-13 21:05

It kind of seems like these might each reflect an aspect of ARGs, and the players failed because they fell into a certain pitfall of that aspect- like exchange was puzzle-focused and they became too competitive, communion was collective storytelling-focused and they got too into writing mystic chants and stuff...

So maybe reflection got too focused on meta-discussion, remembrance on archiving, weird got too paranoid, and so on?

#2 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » File Drop » 12-11-01 04:54

It looks a lot like what you get if you try to open EVO.exe in TextEdit.

ETA: as in, it's the exact same thing only it shows up a little more garbled in TextEdit, not as in they both look like gibberish.

#3 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » The Meaning(less) of Form » 12-10-24 04:52

I've been thinking about the code issue lately, too. Has anyone read Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line? He says that GUIs are metaphors for the underlying mathematics of the code- which have some kind of truth or reality- and thinks more people ought to learn to interact with the code instead of allowing the structure of the metaphors chosen by particular OS's to shape their thought. So far, it seems like what we've been getting in the source (the journals and messages from Eva) are more reliable than what's on the page itself- does the game agree that code is more reliable than the user interface? Are we avoiding having our thoughts directed by MetaCorp by checking the source?

It also reminds me of one of the interview sections, where the Founder is discussing programs learning how to lie. That kind of throws a wrench in Stephenson's picture- if even something that's basically made of math can return an incorrect result.

(forgive the fragmentary nature of my thoughts. It's late.)

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So HelloCentral and I are in the building at UChicago, but the top floor is locked. Anyone know if there's another way in we're supposed to be taking?

#5 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » /4444 » 12-10-22 19:15

The image from 4.7 has " _ _ _ _ _ _ _#### (YEAR)" in the bottom right corner if you invert the colors, and squishing together the smeary arc thing above the box gives you a URL, though I haven't managed to make it completely legible yet

#9 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » JP Journal(s) » 12-10-14 22:50

Yeah, definitely helpful!

Speaking of archiving technicalities, I'm going to add to the spreadsheet in a bit and get the sound files in there. I put in the journal entries in case there was a theme between entries from passwords 0.1, 1.1, 2.1, etc., but would it be easier to read the whole thing if I just referenced the entry number and linked here?

#12 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » Our Other Users » 12-10-14 04:16

I know the game has run before, they might have just deleted everything rather than making a whole new forum site. As for the parallels with the They forum, my guess is either 1) they made profiles similar to players' to weird them out, or 2) some people on this forum aren't players?

2 seems fairly likely, actually.

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