This is not an alternate reality game. This is a reality game. This is an economic stimulation. This is a corporate brain drain. This is a histrionic transmission. This is an electronic exploit. This is a realist fiction. WELCOME BACK.

. . . l o o k h e r e , t h e r e c o u l d b e S O M E T H I N G i m p o r t a n t . . .

This is NEXUS00, the first in a series of interlinked nodes designed to acclimate users to a future of speculation. Be warned. The process of remediating MetaCorp's reticular meshworks to millennial technologies has left holes, gaps, and fractures within this speculative solution. A working knowledge of early internet protocols such as uniform resource locators, hypertext markup language, server-side directory structures, turn of the century browser software such as Mozilla Firefox, and something called the Unity Web Player may be required to progress further. Aside from a proximity to the culture of finance capital, it is essential for historical subjects to learn to navigate what was once called the "World Wide Web" via NEXUS00. LET'S BEGIN.

Tendrils of this work, this project, this experiment, have already arched out across the ether to find subjects ready for speculation. These proxies have already distributed visual media, audio transmissions, electronic exchanges, and even organic materials. Furthermore, the ripples and folds of these activities have echoed and resonated within turn of the century inscription technologies and have left historical traces to study. In particular this, this, this, and this stand out. It seems the project has already taken effect. VERY INTERESTING.

In the past, some called this an alternate reality game. Alternate reality games use the real world as their primary platform. Alternate reality games are not bound by any single medium. Alternate reality games sometimes incorporate textual data, streaming video, phone calls, social networks, and original software. Their stories tend to be broken into discrete pieces that players actively rediscover and reconfigure through their actions. Player networks created around alternate reality games are inherently social and tend to include collective problem-solving and participatory storytelling. But this is not an alternate reality game. This is a speculation. PLEASE CONTINUE.







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