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here's a second message I received last night:

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#3 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » NEXUS08? » 12-08-11 14:02

I think all of these comments are pointing to a healthy degree of paranoia. I'll definitely be online for the chat. Trying to do some reasearch on all the stuff I missed...

#4 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » NEXUS08? » 12-08-10 11:47

Another thing to remember (that's making me a little anxious) is that this is the only live challenge we've had-in the past there's been time for reflection, revision, working through. In the past Nex has been our editor, our authority, and now she is our interlocutor. This challenge is inviting a really different dynamic among the players and with Nex, who's playing with us in a different way.

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September 8, 1978-protests at the beginning of the Iranian revolution were forcefully repressed.

September 30, 1994-the merger of several radio conglomerates in Quebec led to the shut down of a number of regional AM radio stations.

#10 Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Narrative(s) » 12-04-18 10:42

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It might be interesteing to start a new thread to talk through some of the details that are revealed with each new internet segment, and are clearly related to some of the puzzles from the first speculat1on page.

Clearly we have two figures, q and a, one of whom is "the founder." still unclear of what-some seem to think this is the founder of metacorp, though as wvixivw pointed out, A clearly started working for metacorp after it was founded. I'm wondering if q, despite being a program, might be the founder or a part of the founder? As bee pointed out, there's also the Jerry Rotondaro figure, who I emailed but didn't get a response from. Has anyone else had luck?

the new interview segment definitely seems to imply that a is part program (either cyborg or total AI). we've also learned that A can't be trusted.

Lingering questions are... who is Nex? what is the difference between who A is and what A did? It also seems to me that the chronology of the game is really important. the new "us" link took me back to the first speculat1on page, which to me is clearly implying that we've become complicit in the future we're piecing together, both creating and changing history in multiple directions.

What are y'all thinking?? How careful should we be moving forward??

#11 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Beginnings » 12-04-18 10:37

Sho and Parkaboy, I"m starting a new thread to talk about the narrative! Check it out!

#12 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Beginnings » 12-04-16 11:12

If all recordings were "irreparably damaged" does that mean the interviewer tried to interfere? What became of Nex?

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