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|  |     |
A  |     |
|  |     |
---+     |
|        |
-> EVA   |
|        |
---> EVA |

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You guys, I am bad at using the image tag. Someone help me.

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Nice catch! Redrum = murdeR.

NEX enjoys capital letters a lot. In entry 30 at the end, saying “THERE EXISTS A WEARINESS WHICH IS WEARINESS...” and I Googled it and found a book called “The Life-Giving Gift of Acknowledgement” and the first sentence of the book description says, “What would life be like if no one acknowledged your existence? The question confronts one with the possibility of being isolated, marginalized, ignored, and forgotten by others.” This goes with the theme we see in Winston’s diary from 1984. The same thing applies to entry 38, where JP alludes to a short story from “Welcome to the Monkey House” by Kurt Vonnegut. Read the story or a summary of it, because it’s got the same kind of connotations that 1984 and TLGGoA do. 39—is that an e.e. cummings poem? 42- mentions Lisbeth from “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, who is a character defined by her anti-social tendencies and computer prowess. 46- “James Powell lived in New Watts but he was not of it.” All of the references seem to show that JP has empathy for all these marginalized, isolated, exiled characters in literature: Winston, Invisible Man, Lisbeth, etc. How do each of these stories end? I wonder if there's a connection there...

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 ANS_112358: Is this real? Are WE in the past? Are THEY in the past? 

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I’m trying to get a feel for the chronology and story of the game, so I’m going through journal entries like it’s a book. So here are some things I thought about while reading the entries (up to entry 30).

The choice of Winston’s diary to open the very first journal entry is not a coincidence. In the journal, Winston writes “DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER”. After writing, “he could not help feeling a twinge of panic... the Thought Police (equal to Vengeance Agents?) would get him.” Here we have the same idea of a near-omniscient, invasive government and Winston/JP’s attempt to maintain some humanity and independence (Declaration of Independence?). JP continues expressing paranoia until 06 where he make reference to SNL skits. Interestingly enough, LOTS of keywords found in passwords are in this paragraph: MarthaWashington, TinaFey, ColinFirth. It also gives us a bit of insight into entertainment culture in JP’s world. Evidently, politics have changed unrecognizably. However, people still have access to films from our era—or, JP does at least. I wonder if those are available for public access? It sounds like the rest of the world, save for MetaCorp workers are relatively normal—JP talks about tourists in 28.
The first eight or so entries focus on JP as a person and his role in this world. The next entry shifts to a description of MetaCorp, the Reticle, Eva, work. Entry 14—is it a metaphor for JP’s experience with MetaCorp? Climbing the corporate ladder until he falls off? The journal entries have a vignette-ish feel to them. There is also a reference in 23 about speculat1on: “We made a team. We got competitive. We never won. But not a 
day goes by that I don't think about the game.” (THEY forum) The chronology of these journal entries are unclear, and seem to span years, since JP got fired in entry 25.
So, who is NEX? Is NEX JP? Both JP and NEX seem drawn to the color red: “Painted the walls of my rat-infested room red. Red room. Redrum.” Also, in one of the newly discovered journal entries, we find that he gave a fake name and that Adnexus was/is his real name, or at least part of it.

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The text following that seems to be another Name That Novel/Poem/etc thing.

"Tell me, O Muse..." begins Homer's Odyssey, for example. The last time I took an English class was two years ago, so maybe other people can find some other literature connections.

Also, are you guys friends with NEX on Facebook? Because she totally posted an event for 2036. Search Nex Noitaluceps.

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Yeah. TooBigToFail2008
Would someone update the post with all the passwords please?
Good job everyone!!!!!!!!

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<!-- /////41.2

Crawling through these interstices,
So much to read


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Aw yeah it worked!!!

Here is what NEX sent me:


<!-- /////41.1

Tarrying in taradiddles of distant past.
Game frames re                     cast.
Metaphors digested, captured,      cast.


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Unsure if someone already got this, but on 5.1 or whatever one had you disable your pop-up-blocker... I went through the quiz and the first time got a crap ton of red pop-up windows that relentlessly attacked my browser and forced me to quit.

So now Safari thinks it's one of my favorite sites ever and it keeps showing a new red window on that panel where they give you random screenshots of your fave sites and it's displaying the broken words in whole! I figured it out even without the words intact, but confirmation is nice. I got:

City? Age? What? Which?

In black paintish letters on a red background.

#13 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » Reveneural Financial Testing » 12-10-26 12:48

At the NY location with gasmoney. They only take us one at a time. I infiltrated the room and took pictures of gasmoney during the test/game before getting kicked out by whoever is administrating this test. How should we interpret the words on 5.2?


I took the infiltrate part to mean simply that we were participating in this research. gasmoney disagreed and thought we were meant to actually infiltrate and disrupt the procedure by breaking the "only one person can be in the room at a time" rule. Obviously, no one can stop me from infiltrating the room without resorting to physical violence ('violence isn't the answer here' #analysis/conference/meeting rooms), but they can make me feel like a dirty rulebreaker. Hmm.

Also the administrator of this test claims to have been working on the software with Dr. Goodwin at Reveneural over the summer with other interns from UChicago and Duke. I asked if he had ever talked to Dr. Goodwin and he said no. I asked what the purpose of Reveneural was, and he said to help people gain valuable financial skills, because "everybody wants to make money, right?" I asked why his company was helping others maximizing their financial gain instead of making money himself. Response: "We're benevolent people?" I asked what the company ultimately hoped to accomplish and didn't get a clear response.

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5.7 - There were text lines like that in 4.3 (3GREYGOOSE). At least, they feature some of the same characters.
These are all the unique lines I read in the order that I read them. I think. There seemed to be random repeats of certain lines and you could scroll down in this "conversation" by moving that black/red line up/down.

STN_845581: Have infinite memory, storage, capacity for xchange.
ROJ_334514: june 9? 10? did a day truly pass in 8 milliseconds??
STN_845581: Origin inconclusive: transmission’s sent from BR 12?
ROJ_334514: is life not exchange? for what do we need any past??
TYU_983061: We cannot simply believe. There must be another way.
ROJ_334514: Where else would these messages come from? The past?
STN_845581: You are them. Calculate data, patterns. Work for MC.
STN_845581: Origin inconclusive: transmission’s sent from BR 12?
TYU_983061: Something’s ripping, rippling through our spacetime.
STN_845581: Yes, running more tests on their past, origin search.
TYU_983061: Not proof. Evidence needed or transmission over now.
ROJ_334514: is life not exchange? for what do we need any past??
MCA_212041: We are harmonized. WE are glad to have made contact.
TYU_983061: Mirroring effect. Two timelines crossing each other.
MCA_212041: I am still in limbo. The post is optimum length now.
BLKSWN.EXE: 11010111-10101100-01010101-01010100-01010000-0101010
ROJ_334514: can it be true? their chronology doesn’t make sense.
MCA_201212: I’ve initiated the test. What’s the meaning of life?
ROJ_334514: is this possible? isn’t this a paradox of emergence?
ROJ_334514: how can we know? can you prove you are in time past?
MCA_212041: I’m trying something new. I should get results soon.

I'm not sure if someone posted these already. If they did-- sorry for the repeat.

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The Wikipedia page also says that he died in 2009. This seems relevant, since the data we're finding is referring to periods of time shortly after the stock market crash of 2008.

There is also the e-mail for the admin: sp3cul4710n@gmail.com. Those are the two e-mail addresses we've been given access to. E-mailing reveneural@gmail.com makes sense because we were explicitly directed to the page with the e-mail, but sp3cul4710n seems to be more central to the story. I'm not sure, although the same group of people control both addresses, so...

Please make sure you document your time with Mr. Goodwin! I'm curious to see how my experience will differ from all of yours.

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I also noticed the revenue + neural! Clever.

If there's a person there, do you think we can ask them questions or that they might have any helpful information? If so, what are somethings we should think about while we're there? I might bring my laptop or a notebook. Hopefully this will be fun!

#17 Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » Reveneural Financial Testing » 12-10-25 15:00

Replies: 28

Hello everyone,

I am scheduled to attend one of four "financial testing" sessions. Since these will be happening tomorrow, I thought I might request now that everyone who is attending one of these documents his/her experience and posts them here so we can compare/share/analyze.

Video? Photographs? I will post my experience directly after I'm done tomorrow.

Also, since I'm the first one to go, would it be worth it to arrive early? I'm not sure what to expect. Will there be a computer? A real person? Both? I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

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"Obvi, I have no children. But I told them I have two, Adnexus, and Philip."

Adnexa: noun. parts added, attached, or adjunct to another or others, as the eyelids and tear glands in relation to the eyeball.

a means of connection; tie; link.
a connected series or group.
the core or center, as of a matter or situation.

Maybe irrelevant, but interesting.

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