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A few things, I translated the lines in the interview from Nexus 05

Text                                            Source Language                       English
глобальный долг                                Russian                            global debt
Dług w nieskończoność                         Polish                             debt indefinitely
Insoutenable                                      French                            unsustainable
Welt ohne Verbindung oder Vergebung    German                A World without connection or forgiveness

I used google translate, so the Polish portion is probably supposed to say infinite debt or debt forever or something like that... same general idea. I was also curious about the capitalized words "Verbindung" and "Vergebung" but as it turns out, you capitalize all nouns in German, who knew...

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The name Lamarck also appears in some of the pictures from the Duke drop

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Somebody else has a picture of the Duke drop, so hopefully he'll post it soon.  As far as that particular street corner at Duke, it may just be a matter of convenience.  It's not really a street corner at all, Main Street passes over Campus Drive, and there are 2 bridges (one is a street, the other train tracks). Anyone has free license to paint whatever they want on the bridge (lots of Obama stuff there right now), so I'll try to describe what the drop looked like.

In bright red paint, Nex is Coming was painted on a small section of the bridge. The tail of the "g" was an arrow pointing down.  Next to the text there was a kind of stock market line going up and down and then dropping straight down to the ground at the end. The USB drive was rolled up in a torn piece of paper buried slightly right where the line hit the ground.

I'm gonna put up a dropbox with all of the files from the USB if I have some time tomorrow, and I'll include a picture of the drop.

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I just picked up the Duke drop. I haven't looked at it yet, but I'll post something tonight or tomorrow.

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I haven't posted here before and I know this thread hasn't been posted to for a while, but it might be important that only CREDIT.png (NAME) is in red. In the html, the red text is indicated as NEXWASHERE and it usually indicates something significant.

Also, isn't it YJC 0027?

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