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wow wow wow!

I just got another set of emails with new emissions. Guess we're looking for the rest of the 64...

|        ||:: . :.:\FINANCEDTH
|        ||'.  ..:..:.\INTHECO
|        || :.  .:...:".:.:::
|        ||.:.   '... .:"'   |
|        ||...  .  .|..MISSED|
|        :|.   .'"'|CONNEC-  |
|        :.  .  .  TION.:.. .|
|        'V:.. .. .|.. .  .  |
+--------++"EVA:.EVA.. .:. . |


|        |
|        |
------>  |
--> EVA  |
EVA     |

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This is actually getting kinda creepy. Anyone else not digging the sort of apocalyptic undertones?

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Laird, word!

I've thought a lot about that, just haven't had any time to post lately.

I know I'm behind again, but I think that talking about that a little more is worthwhile. There's something about New Watts, being underprivileged (as Adnexus or whoever it is who lives in the box is), and even the whole mac/pc dynamic going on that's interesting.

Can a possibly disembodied entity have race? I think the same debate kind of swarmed around the whole EVA thread. If these entities are AI, can they be gendered? Of course gender is totally separate from embodiment, so I'm inclined to think yes, but race is oftentimes predicated by physical traits/biological inheritance, rather than an "identity."


Maybe you can do something to this effect in the Third challenge from this Nexus? There's a bit that quotes donsoze talking about embodiment (he was also the player who on the EVA thread posted pictures of Samus Aran.) Maybe we need a pic of a black JP?

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Wow! This is all so interesting!

MaebyB - did you write all of that stuff in the testing room?

Why is it that the Vassar people's testing seemed so controversial? Did anyone else find journal entries at their testings? How about, as gasmoneywrote (and then JamesReveneural repeated) turning the screen red?

Would it be helpful to somehow make a more coherent catalogue of what happened?

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This is great, guys!

I might be swayed to believe Eva is a program, even an economic value.

Humanity aside, I still think she's gendered female. And actually, to address your point, Shnarvle, the computer/humanity divide has always been fraught with gender. Perhaps that's why the person in The Document has so much trouble defining their gender. After all, did the Turing Test prove that things were computers, or did it prove that they were more like women?

As for Eva, her name recalls Eve, "the source code" for representations of women in literature...

If Eva is a program, what does that say about humanity?

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