#1 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! » 12-12-02 12:34

Agreed, the babblings of this BR.bot are borderline crass. The Bureau does not know or care what a ʍɐɹuıub¡ is but the repetition of this nonsense is reminiscent of the FLaP's style of perversion. I'm sure that turn-of-the-century humanoids chuckle and wink at one another as they "salt an atlas" or "prefer pi" or revel in the deviant delights of all matter of anamalia (e.g., geese, cat, dog, bees, rat, elf, god.) We've seen this nonsense corrupt good employees, like Matthew Davis, and BuReau.CRIME should be terminated before its malfunctions spread.

#2 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » SPECULATION Survey(s) » 12-11-29 04:42

Agreed. The fashionably late protocol (FLaP) might have been an interesting specimen for future studies via the BuReau.CRYPT. That is, if its main functions were not so narrow. Both FLaP and the Kostas bot combine their crufting and crassing operations, one protocol outmoding the other to produce systemwide redundancies. Never have the departments of de-crufting and de-crassing seen so much overlap on a single audit.

#4 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » Cryptic clue found » 12-11-18 02:25

Take this disgusting datapoint for example. Pure unadulterated filth. These posts violate so many of the Bureau's ethics codes that we cannot recommend a fast enough deletion.

#5 Re: Speculation v2 (10/11/12 - 12/02/12) » SPECULATION Survey(s) » 12-11-18 01:59

How vexing. Though terribly inconvenient, these annoyances pale in comparison to what the Bureau must deal with in terms of ethics violations. The historical Internet is brimming with vulgar anthropocentrisms, repetitive humor, and more homo sapiens pornography than our auditing system can handle.

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