#1 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » The Non-Disclosure Agreement » 14-04-13 12:25

So I wasn't the only one - just one of the first. I guess that makes sense. Threats are their own kind of information.

It looks like someone is getting a little nervous, someone is worried that this little project is getting out of hand. I wonder who that someone might be? Anyone want to make a wild guess.

#4 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » Remembe2: Sharing Some Speculation Stories » 14-04-10 18:13

My favorite memory of Speculation was when I was gainfully and gamefully employed. Paychecks coming in on a bi-weekly basis. Small talk by the office cooler. A boss young enough to be my son, and with the taste to match. Those were the days, am I right or what NDD?

Now I'm just collecting light bulbs and wiring them up.

#5 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » Welc0me: Contributing to a Forum » 14-04-09 10:18

I think we're getting on the same page here NDD--the best hiding spot being in plain sight.

As for idioms, well, I never said the mouse was me.

#7 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » Welc0me: Contributing to a Forum » 14-04-03 21:58

Parkaboy73 - There are owners and owners. Put it another way - there are owners of owners. Maybe NEX 'left' but its never quite that simple, right? Whether or not this is an alternate reality, abandoned property is never really quite that abandoned. I doubt anyone would do all that work just to leave a fragment on the internet - and the history of ARGs is paved in advertisements.

Put it another way again - it's all just a little bit of history repeating. Maybe you just haven't received the NDAs you're destined to sign quite yet.

#8 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » Welc0me: Contributing to a Forum » 14-04-02 13:43

Ummm. Ok. So things are back, are they?

I have to say I'm kind of surprised that you've put this all together ParkaBoy73 (and whoever else has been doing working on this). I figured everyone else had gotten those threatening NDA agreements after the last round ended (which is why the wiki doesn't exist anymore, btw). The letter was pretty specific with the lawsuit threats, and I got the distinct impression that some company was going to launch a commercial version of the game (probably to advertise some giant film, my guess would be Transcendence). So I'm not sure what you're doing, though certainly I applaud you for the resourcefulness. I mean what good is an archive of answers for players who want to try and puzzle things out for themselves?

Me, I'm going to try and hold on to my anonymity.

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