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Looking back, it was always fairly clear that NDD and NY-mouse were the same person. Notice their similar punning and word-play, the short times separating their posts, the similarly egregious interpretations of law that both of them seem to share.

A couple of notes:

1. The Brother Robot site states the following: "Please remember that on registering for the forum the terms and conditions included a Non-Disclosure Agreement preventing you from discussing several trade secrets and pieces of technical information." Unsurprisingly, the link 404s.

2. When I responded to this thread, the website did not exist (I checked).

3. Anyone else notice this typo in the email to Kostas? " By opening this email...you are showing your ascent to this agreement." Sloppy or meaningful?

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An NDA renders information furnished by one party confidential. By not signing such a document, Brother Robot is forced to assume that you may disclose any information that they provide to you. NDAs do not function post facto; any information that you already know or already have disclosed cannot be subject to an NDA. In other words, this document is a random collection of words until you sign it. So don't.

You might consider replying, saying that you have no intention of signing the document. Strictly speaking, you don't need to do this - but it might provoke whoever's at the other end to respond.

#3 Re: Nexus X: An Alternate Archive » Welc0me: Contributing to a Forum » 14-04-03 02:48

It certainly is derivative, isn't it?

Don't worry, though, Parkaboy - you can't force sometime to sign an NDA, and only have legal recourse if you can demonstrate that the information in question was shared with an reasonable expectation of confidence.

However, I agree with NDD that you were (are?) a very heavy user. Game addiction is a serious social problem; make sure to seek help if you need.

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