#1 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/5BIPOLAR » 12-05-16 19:32

The downloaded file has the hidden letters aiT2hocopleg13wlson

#4 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/8BRAINWVS » 12-05-16 12:05

I believe he was the guy running it, and he was the one who helped me out since google maps sent me to the wrong place, so I don't know if that would be a real number or a game number though.

#5 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/8BRAINWVS » 12-05-15 23:13

It was a game using a brain wave scanner which culminated in a password to remember. It was interesting, although I had a hard time getting there because of the google maps directions.

#7 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/6MDNCHINA » 12-05-13 21:18

I'm not sure, I tried everything I could think of including translating the entire document counting the english words then translating the most common back and it didn't work either.

#8 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-13 20:03

Well, I'm glad it worked out then, I'm going to update my unity and see if that helps.

#9 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-13 19:22

It looks like Martha Washington, but I can't get the symbol to change colors. Odd

#10 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/8BRAINWVS » 12-05-13 15:42

If possible I'll take my phone, but the response I got when I asked if I needed to bring anything with me was Make sure your forehead is clean. So I assume there will be sensors and things making it difficult to do so.

#12 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-13 00:43

Me too, hopefully sleep and a day at the site on monday will lead to better ideas. I'll still check back here as often as I can to see if any other suggestions have been made.

#13 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-13 00:05

All of the other questions were very straightforward, like "Who was the only person prosecuted under the new law" or "How many days notice were people given to turn in the gold?"

#14 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-12 23:59

Its one number, and I did add them all together, separately, and the 6 combinations for both dates still said it was wrong.

#15 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-12 23:42

Can you see the answer box because I can give you the answers leading up to the one I'm stuck at, if you can click the words then see a white box I can open it for you to try too.

I hadn't tried the numbers I was thinking about having turned them in for money not for gold. The numbers didn't work for me, but at least it was new

#16 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » specul4tion+1/2GRNBCKS » 12-05-12 20:46

each keystroke takes about 1 1/2 second while a voice clip plays. So brute force is out. I have tried the other two and nothing.

I looked again and for the actual notes, instead of the amount of gold which is what I calculated before, they still pay face value and always have.

#17 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Help » 12-05-12 17:04

Oh, if you see an extension add it to the current address bar.

If you are having problems with the .exe files given, change your resolution. I have to put mine all the way up to make GRAPHX.exe work.

#19 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Help » 12-05-12 16:48

The answers to the previous ones are all posted, if you are asking about nexus5 I have the first password and I'm working on the second, but I don't believe the others are available yet.

#20 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » LEVEL5 » 12-05-12 16:26

I'm kind of stuck in GRAPHX.exe It is all about executive order 6012

It shows 3 bills a 10 coin certificate a 100 coin certificate and a 10000 coin certificate

The question is "To the nearest dollar much would you have received by May 1st"

I've tried the obvious...

#22 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Level 4/1EXCHANGE » 12-05-11 07:54

I'm just not a big fan of luck over skill or patience. But it all worked out, hopefully if there is another scrambled message it won't be quite so scrambled.

#23 Re: Speculation v1 (04/12/12 - 08/12/12) » Level 4/1EXCHANGE » 12-05-11 07:46

Thanks. The hardest part of the game was dealing with the horrendous beeps that came from my computer every time I finished the year.

Embarrassingly it took me longer to figure out where to go for nexus 5 than it took me to know what the coin was.

Is there a better program for fixing the images? The only information I got from running it through the duke program was the word "Little" and what looked like smoke.

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