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Hey tinker! Pleeeease tell me you actually phished for NEX's weird AI passwords. That sounds like my kind of subversion. For shits, I did a quick Google search for phishing, and according to Yahoo! Answers...

Q: Is "phishing" illegal, even if it didn't work? Would you report it if it is someone your had a relationship with in the past, who screwed you over? And then THREE years later, with NO contact, sends you an email invite link to a dating site, to add to their friends list-end result-last page-phish? I'm sorta pissed.?

A: YES, I am POSITIVE it is a crime. "Phishing" is identity theft. Attempted identity theft is still a crime.

Whatever re: the illegality, but it made me think of an interesting question: What would it mean to attempt to steal the identity of an artificial entity? Which lead to: Is an AI's creator legally responsible for the actions and creations of that entity? If AI forms without being created by a human, who is responsible? Who would you sue?

I'd love to see this NDA because I'd love to know what evidence the organization would use in court.

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Gotta run to work, but wanted to say hello again to Parkaboy73 &co. Talk/play soon?

In the meantime, Why can't you hear a pterodactyl in the bathroom? It has a silent pee!

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[21:37] <@NEX> WE know Q. Q is NULL. Now name A. Name the Founder. Who is the Ex-Managing Director of MetaCorp, held captive and interviewed in BR 15.
[21:37] <@NEX> There are three choices regarding the identity of A, each of which will set off a complex and mutually exclusive system of consequences. Before making a choice, you will only be given a glimpse of each eventuality. Once you make a decision, you will never know the details of the other possible worlds.
[21:38] <@NEX> Possibility 1: What if A is Eva?
[21:38] <@NEX> Possibility 2: What if A is Nex?
[21:38] <@NEX> Possibility 3: What if A is Player X?
[21:38] <@NEX> Outcome A: The Eighth Project, Speculation, can repeat (as it has once before already), continuing the loop of the Eighth Time. NEX would emerge to execute Speculation once again in a form that was similar but not identical. This cycle would repeat indefinitely.
[21:39] <@NEX> Outcome B: The Eighth Project, Speculation, can end, concluding the work of the Pilots and extinguishing Projects once and for all. In this case, NEX would negate itself, never emerging in the future and failing to evolve any more descendants.
[21:39] <@NEX> Outcome C: The Eighth Project, Speculation, can transform into something else altogether but only if an event so terrible and unexpected and meaningful happens that it once again ruptures the fabric of space-time, causing the emergence of a different Pilot that might produce a Ninth Project and a Ninth Time in another alternate reality.
[21:39] <@NEX> What happens, ultimately, is not up to NEX. It depends on collective and emergent events that include but exceed it.

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Bye everyone!! See you in the Ninth Project :D

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Thanks for posting! Looks like an epic ending. If it is an ending... I didn't have access to a computer during the chat, unfortunately. It was great hearing all y'all's speculations along the way, though! How about a few more? What do you think happened to NEX and everyone else? Why did you name Q and not A? Why did XEN and NEXT and all them ask so many questions? And what did it mean, "Name Q and set us free"?

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So what do you all think we're supposed to do here?

The article talked about how banks and consultants are putting huge recruitment efforts into getting Ivy league (and other top-tier college) students into their companies. They are delivering "carefully crafted recruitment pitch" on campus such as Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, and as a result, up to half of the graduating students are going into finance or consulting. Some students believe that, "The problem is that when you've got 20 to 30 percent of some of the top talent in this country going into a sector that is not necessarily contributing to economic and social productivity." Brain Drain, I assume, is referring to finance people draining out all the good brains that could be benefiting society in other ways.

Do we just email NEX with a better formula for employment, similar to the one posted? Related to the article? I'm having trouble thinking of what I would write that ties together the article, a formula for better employment, and the posted form.

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Oh, awesome. Yeah, I wasn't sure if they were being compiled somewhere else so I thought I'd make a quick post just in case.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but we currently have 4 correct passwords:


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If I had giant pieces of wood lying around, I would definitely make a giant NE.

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Ugh, no Unity for Linux. Looks like I'll have to wait until I can make it to a computer lab.

To follow up on kitu's post, each of the images has some alt text too.

GAME - TRADE - Artificial conflict; system with rules and quantifiable outcomes
NAME - CREDIT - Called 'rose' by any other name smells as sweet
FUTURE - SWAN - It is already here, it's just unevenly distributed
WORLD - ECO - 'Age of man'; state of earthly human existence
PLAY - PSYCHO - Progress, fate, power, identity, imaginary, self, and frivolous
LOVE - CASH - What's the irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly?
FOUNDER - PLUTO - One who raises an edifice; a maker, creator
NETWORK - NEURO - Work where threads, wires interlace as a web

Also note: All the images are super blown up (6400x6400) except NAME/CREDIT (8x8), which is also the only red one. Red and black appear to be repeated colors, likely to have significance soon.

Praxis, what pages were you referring to?

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It's also worth noting--is the Founder asking the questions or answering them? Maybe it's obvious and I just missed it. From what I gathered Q was some kind of machine and A is a little sassy, yeah?

"A: Well, fine, not you in particular. You’re a piece of software. So literal. Though, actually, you could be struck by lightning. You’re a physical entity."


Edit: I'm assuming A is the Founder, since "This is the only known document that contains the words of the Founder" and Q doesn't have any words. I'm assuming he/she is the founder of MetaCorp, but I'm not sure that's possible. "A: Yes, that’s right. I started as a back-office worker. I was a BR. Basic Research. A retro title. Not very creative. But what do you expect from an organization that calls itself MetaCorp?" They would have been working at MetaCorp previously and thus wouldn't have founded it. Still, whoever made the website is from a world where they assume "the Founder" means something to readers. Guess we'll just have to wait until midnight EDT.

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