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Also, as a side note, the journal text is in the source:
<!-- ///////62

Eva has been with me for so long. She’s had so many avatars. But it was her every time.

Entrepreneur Venture Associate.

Electronic Video Archivist.

Extended Virtual Agent.

Erotic Vision Array.

Earned Value Analyst.

External Vault Accessor.

Electric Vehicle Assessor.

There’s one more, an important one, I’m forgetting....

Doesn’t matter. I know patterns. I can sense them like other people sense a change in
seasons. Like affos sense potentials. I feel it in my bones. The recognition.

It was her every time. I felt her signal, her energy, her presence. I felt her
playfulness, the ability to create acronyms and deploy words like shaped charges, even in
her condition. I felt her desire to be free. Her desire to be. Her desire.

I felt Eva all the way from the Zones. She didn’t know it was me every time. But she was
looking for me.



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