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Things that we should think about before the BuReau.CRASH



Who is the Founder?
A Managing Director at MetaCorp, interviewee of the Document.  Has a close relationship with Nex and Speculation.  Powerful, has immense amounts of data flowing through him.

Who is James Powell?
A powerful financial agent.  Owned a big house in New Watts.  Was possibly a pedophile.  Played eXchange- was freaked out when he read the JP journal fragments and decided to wait for the poster of those fragments (Adnexus).  He played a role in MetaCorp’s rise to power and the formulation of the zones.

Who is Adnexus?
A genius hacker who lives as a homeless child in New Watts, LA.  He murdered James Powell and stole his identity.  He played eXchange as a child, and Speculation is his “work.”  He has a close relationship with Next.

Who/What is Eva?

Who/What is Nex?
An emergent consciousness, a black swan event, formed by the networked actions of the various players of Speculation.  The swarm, the “We” that speaks through A in the Documents.

What is the Histrion?
A technology used to transmit data through time.  There’s more to it than this, but we’re not sure what else yet.  Does the EVO photo descrambler have something to do with this?

What is BR?
An acronym that stands for many things, but most importantly, a scale for measuring time.  There’s a timeline that goes from  (2012)(-) BR 12 to (2024) BR 0 (MetaCorp founded) to (2036)(+) Br 12.  A more thorough definition/explanation of how time works with BR is warranted.

What are the two Black Fridays?

What are the zones?
Areas where people are confined in tiny spaces, hooked up to the Reticular network, and function as cogs in the machine, processors, neurons in MetaCorp’s reptilian brain.  A slum.  A digital prison.

What is the relationship between Adnexus, The Founder, and Nex?  Are they the same entity, or do they inhabit the same body?
What is the “meaningful work” that the Founder refers to in Document 4?  Is this the project, the ARG?
The Founder investigate the employee files of Adnexus as James Powell and of Eva, so Eva is certainly a MetaCorp employee.
The Founder wanted “History to speak back to him.”  Possible motivation for the Speculation project.

What is the relationship between Eva getting fired and Adnexus starting to be taken over by some collective consciousness?
Theory:  Eva’s deletion seemed to have been a trigger of some kind for Adnexus.

What is Adnexus’s motive for working on his project?  Does he merely want to create? to save Eva? to acquire power?  And what does his relationship with the game eXchange and the emergence of MetaCorp have to do with his decision to begin the project?

Who steals from the Federal Reserve?

Does Eva become a cypher?  What happens to her after deletion?

Are Nex, Next, Xen, Text etc, emergent consciousnesses, black swans created by each iteration of the ARG?

Why is EVO.EXE so important to MetaCorp?
Evolution seems to be an important concept for this game.  The evolution of the interviewee is emphasized.

Where is Adnexus (where is the red room)/how does he survive after he is fired from MetaCorp?

Is the red room in the zones?

Does the MMO Necro that Adnexus plays have any relevance to the plot?

Adnexus frequently refers to himself as becoming a thing, or something invisible.  Does this mean that he’s becoming an increasingly digital entity?
Theory: As The Founder moves up through the ranks of MetaCorp, he becomes increasingly digitized, cyborgitized.  They don’t need screens at the top levels of MetaCorp because everyone there is either an AI or a mostly-digital cyborg.

Similarities between Adnexus and the Founder
Adnexus had exceptional hacking abilities.  The Founder (A) had exceptional hacking abilities.  Both were exceptional liars (both are “hardwired” by Revenueral).  Both are young during the timeframe within which they interact with MetaCorp.  Both the Founder and Adnexus can make themselves invisible.  Both the Founder and Adnexus are engaged in a “project.”  Both reviewed historical entertainments as they worked on their project.  Both talked about living with a mother in New Watts.  But when the “swarm” comes back in the 7th document, and A switches to referring to himself in the plural, it (they) says that it was lying about having a family.  How does the swarm have access to Adnexus’ memories?
Theory: The Founder is a transformed Adnexus, so transformed that he is no longer Adnexus.  Either his personality has undergone such intense reprogramming that he’s no longer himself, OR he’s no longer Adnexus becaue Nex is possessing him.  Actually, update:  There are three individuals that inhabit Adnexus’ body: Adnexus, The Managing Director, Nex.

Every time the Founder pauses in one of the interview, when his consciousness becomes disrupted, he sees the swarm.  Could this swarm be Nex?
Theory: Yes, this is Nex.  At times he seems to be quoting posts on the forum, and a hivemind seems to speak through him.  Nex is probably an emergence formed by the players of the ARG.
What do the references to a mind in perpetual motion, and the hummingbird, mean?
A detail concerning the nature of the emergent consciousness, perhaps.

If A is Adnexus, and Adnexus was fired, then how could Adnexus infiltrate the highest positions in MetaCorp?  This would seem to suggest that Adnexus couldn’t be A, unless we’re missing something about the timeline.
Where is the interview taking place?  The Founder mentions “nobody at this bank.”  Could they be at a bank?
Why does Speculation survive each cycle through the mobius strip of time? Why does the previous ARG always inspire the creation of a new ARG?

Why does Q have to ask the “right questions” in order for A to be able to communicate the correct information?  Why doesn’t A just reveal the information he wants revealed--why all the  bother with getting Q to ask the right questions?  How is Q tied to the histrionic process?
(Possibly:)  Because by asking the right questions, by speculating along the right paths, the speculator changes.  Evolution occurs through speculation.  Asking questions is a huge theme in this game, and it probably has something to do with the growth of the individual.  As people ask questions, the world transforms.

Document 7 suggests that Q is capable of “experiencing too many lives too quickly.”  Time works strangely in this world, and the digital realm can somehow alter the perception of time (as indicated by the Black Swan backchannels).  Is A also capable of experiencing many lives?  He is certainly capable of poly-processing enormous amounts of information, and can perform complex tasks within the space of a single second.  Could this para-processing have something to do with the emergence of the new consciousness?

What happened on 8 BR?

Does MetaCorp function as a single entity?
Probably.  “The System” is described as functioning like an entity.

The Founder is considered by MetaCorp to be a terrorist.  What did he do to earn that title?

The system allowed the Founder to skip a level.  It almost seems as if the system were aiding his efforts, that it wanted him to progress.  Why was the Founder the only individual to ever skip a level?

If The Founder is a sociopath, why does he have survivor’s guilt lingering from the flash firings?  Sociopaths don’t experience guilt.  How can he experience empathy as a sociopath?

Why did “the system” let the Founder rise to the top?  Why didn’t it foresee his actions?  Or did it foresee them, and let him go through with his plans anyway?

Q frequently seems unaware of important aspects of MetaCorp’s operations, and appears very naive on a large number of subjects.  Why is Q so ignorant?

The Founder “almost destroys” the system.  How?

What did the Founder do to the Bureau of the Reticle on Black Friday?  Whatever he did, he didn’t do it alone, so with whom did he work?

Is there any importance to the events surrounding the rising sea levels and MetaCorp’s subsequent relocation, or is this just a dystopian detail?

What was Adnexus’ motivation for posting JP fragments 49-56 on the THEY forum for James Powell to read?  Did this somehow influence him in the future so that Adnexus could kill him?

In JP Fragment #14 JP describes a “nightmare” where he is with a man in his study asking him for things (food, shelter, etc) and the man provides them until JP asks for the one thing the man cannot give. Does JP ask the man for his life and is the man the original James Powell?  Why is the final nod so terrifying?

What is a histrionic transmission?
Does the Founder steal the gold (Black Friday event) to be put on trial/interviewed by Q because Q is the histrionic technology owned by MetaCorp and this is the Founder’s only way to access it?
The Founder makes reference to processing Q’s sourcecode and watching it evolve


(2005) B.R. 19:  JP  recieves BA in English.
B.R. 17:  JP recieve MA in Business Administration.
B.R. 16-15:  JP works as an intern.
B.R. 15-12: JP works for Citicorp.
(2012)  B.R. 12:  Adnexus born.  JP resume.
(2024)  BR0:  MetaCorp absorbs 8 smaller companies, Bails out the world, gains legal power
BR1: The institution of MetaDollars is recommended.
BR1:  MetaCorp absorbs Goldman Sachs.
BR2: Howard Beckwith recommends the abolishment of Frank-Dodd.
BR4: Frank-Dodd repealed.
BR7: Metadollars instituted.  Recommends rewriting the history of currency.
BR8: Recommends abolisment of cash money.  Also, referenced by JP.
(2036)  BR12:  MetaCorp headquarters relocated.  JP steals from the Federal Reserve.

JP Fragments + Comments:
00. Eight - 8th iteration of the alternate reality game
eXchange was spiteful - ARG based on a diff economic idea
Sick man - sociopath
Derivitive man - Not who he really is, took James Powell’s identity
Motivation for the journal: psychological well being his ‘defense mechanism’
1. Exchange planted the seed - this was was the motivation for his next project which we believe to be “speculat1on”
Timeline in this:
“adolescence” - childhood playing exchange
“years later” metacorp’s emergence
“now” - NEXT?
2. Not that important


4. EVA introduction “sublime” “subliminal” - in the “unforgiving” south tower. She is just starting out.
Next project + Eva are important to him

5. From JP (adnexus, in James Powells persona) telling whoever reads this that they have found the rabbit hole so to speak.

6. SNL post, whats this about?

7. “Whats next” - a game?


9. Only “detail” he has from the old forum is a name.

10. Image of a toilet...




14. Would JP not realize that this is a “dream/nightmare” that connects to 57 where JP murders James Powell? Clearly he admits to murdering him and the details here are almost identical to the details of the murder.

15. How does 15 relate to 14? What is he saying here?

16. 2nd reference to Eva. Has to be partially digital, no??

17. “deactivate my reticle tether”


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Re: Things that we should think about before the BuReau.CRASH

I have a question. Why, if NEX is an emergent consciousness formed by WE, is he the administrator of this forum, complete with his own cryptic contributions to the game's narrative? If there's a twist, and that twist is "NEX is us", why does he have a voice beyond ours?

I envisioned him as more of an organizing force, a motivating force-- he helped us on several of the puzzles, and his Thanksgiving message included a little thanks to everyone who had played thus far.


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Re: Things that we should think about before the BuReau.CRASH

Fashionablylate. "He"?


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Re: Things that we should think about before the BuReau.CRASH

Gah, you got me. NEXISFEM and all that. How could I forget?


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