Speculation is over, but traces of it remain. The following ASCII excerpts were cobbled together from the electronic exchanges and secret source codes she sent us. We patched them together on the forum and tried to make sense of the images. She said that it wasn't an alternate reality game and, as we started to feel the convergence of money and code, Speculation seemed more real than ever. From cryptographic puzzles and networked simulations to geocaching events and connections to coltan, we built a metagame together on top of whatever was intended by her transmissions. This is what remains.

The first 64 squares, like sister squares to JP's 64 journals, were written by Eva. The second, original set of ASCII was authored by the archivists. We call it "Player X: A ©oltan ©omic" and it's the first in a series of archives I'm designing with Hoof, TinkerTailor, and a few of the other players. When the game ended, she left us with a name. Well, more like a sign that's become a target. Player X is a part of this archive. Let's play.

Parkaboy73, September 24, 2013